All the Hullabaloo

I have seen post after post on different blogs about people trashing Chautauqua County residents, The Horton family in particular. Just today there was an editorial on the Dunkirk Observer website trashing the kid who got shot.

I am guessing that these people did not know him and they are probably “COPS”, since 2 of them hail from Pittsburgh. 

I would like you all to sound off with your opinions in the matter of that shooting and whether or not YOU believe it had something to with the manhunt of Ralph Bucky Phillips by the NYSP.

Try to keep RUMORS to a minimum. Tell us your experiences with the SP’s over the last 3 months. 

Please keep it clean & no need for vulgarities.


25 Responses to “All the Hullabaloo”

  1. sumthin to say Says:

    I think the whole thing smells bad. How can they say the search had nothing to do with him getting shot? do they think we are all idiots? Maybe they think Bucky was abducted by aliens & teleported out of the jail too!

  2. Cory Horton Says:

    I am first cousin to BRAD and the recent opinions sent to the editor at the observer are quite disturbing to say the least! These individuals who are commenting certainly have no idea of the atrocities and only hear the rumors. To think that anyone deserves to be murdered for minor traffic offenses is completely beyond me.The actions that have been taken by the State Police are getting to be out of control. The physical abuse of 65 year old women, the harrassing of friends and family members, its disgusting to think that these people are those employed to protect our citizens. Recently there have been several situations where family and friends are held at gun point and have had their lives threatened for nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time! We have asked for help from everywhere one could imagine, now Wyatt Errp (MJR. Michael Manning) and his band of pistol totin cowboys are out to spill more Horton blood, its not going to happen, not on my watch! If it’s a war their looking for then it’s not going to too far off. I myself have been entirly too patient and enough is enough. If your fed up with the way things have panned out then don’t be afraid to speak out and show your support – it is greatly appreciated.

  3. lilmama Says:

    C’mon people! I know there are alot of opinions out there…………. Only 2 responses and 32 hits? WTF? Start posting!

  4. LINDA Says:


  5. jeager Says:

    Why is it a cop shoot someone and it is hush hush, if a normal person did it, they would be guilty until proven innocent.

  6. Cat Says:

    They Space Shuttle left Bucky on the International Space station, ready to be picked up by lil green men.

    Until there is a huge reformation in our system, we as ordinary citizens will be always guilty before proven innocent. The law makers are the ones that hire the law enforcers, and that is nepotism in hiring friends and family (pet Rottweilers and Pit-bulls?).

    Cory I am so sorry for what your family is going thru. I think it is crap for innocent people to be roughed up because of a blood tie to someone.


  7. LINDA Says:


  8. Tracie Says:

    Well everyone knows my experiences with the cops arresting my family and being complete idiots. But with the Brad shooting your asking if we think it had anything to do with Bucky? Of course it did. Not rumor but fact I sat here listening to my scanner that night and I heard them call for the infra red that night they said “We have the suspect” I then heard them call saying “Contact Erie County we have their suspect”. Well since we all know Brad has nothing to do with Erie County who could they possibly be talking about then? We all know its been said at the hospital and everywhere that trooper had very minor injuries. On that terrain there is no way he was dragged a mile without more damage done. We also know from the trooper on TV that he had returned right back to work that night. We also know the troopers only called for an ambulance for the trooper and left Brad out there alone to die. We also know the troopers say he was out of work now because of his injuries–NOT suspended for his actions until an investigation has been done to see if he shot 4 times into a young mans back out of defense only. What is wrong with this picture????? You tell me where is the justice here? Nothing about this case shows true justice only troopers abusing others because of their frustration in not finding the big bad Bucky that keeps slipping from under their noses. They make themselves look bad-No one has to help them on that part.
    As citizens and taxpayers and just normal humans we should demand justice for the Horton family. One shot to stop him all of us maybe could have lived with but 4 shots is overkill and murder!

  9. Tracie Says:

    The trooper is just like any other citizen. If we were to shoot to kill even if we got hurt we would go to prison! Look how even a wife in self defense of an abusive husband is not legally permitted to shoot or kill him when her life is in danger after numerous beatings which at any given time could be the end of her life. I’m sorry but the law should be the law for everyone not chosen few get the ability to say “Well you see here I got me some scatches and a black and blue mark so I had no choice but to gun him down in the back” “I would have gone looking for him but damn I was mad as hell when the sleeve of my new shirt got a snag” Ok, Ok a little over dramatizing but you get the drift.

  10. X-factor Says:

    Cory Horton , I am sorry about your loss. And that’s all I have to say at this point. I can’t even imagine what you and your family are going through. Stay strong because soon you’ll all be sharing alot of money. I know that won’t bring anyone back.

  11. zenwitch Says:

    I’ve spent 4 weeks being hassled by SP just for living on the same street as Bucky’s family. I’m so not impressed with these bullies. I was annoyed by this for weeks before Brad was murdered, then it just got worse. NO ONE has the right to use deadly force during a traffic stop.

  12. Babsbitchin Says:

    I too feel for the Horton family. My point has been to not dredge a dead man’s name through the mud so a Trooper can be justified in his means by supposedly bein drug by an ATV. I’ve never seen that happen before, have you??

  13. Tracie Gloss Says:

    I for one have had enough of watching people get brutalized because of being a relative of Horton or some way connected to knowing Bucky. Look at Brad he really wasn’t connected just in the wrong place when troopers were hot with the gun and attitude. Maybe the public gets an award of 50,000 if they turn him in, but with the actions of the trooper the night of Brads murder, I’m sure their monetary value was higher; why else the quick draw mcgraw reaction?

  14. brandi Says:

    The cops injuries were so minor they say he was only dragged 6-10 feet. So why do you need to shoot a person 4 times? i was questioned by the cops and they said the only reason why they are doing this so extensively is because he shot one of their own… but one of their own was shot and not seriously injured, one of ours was shot and killed by the “good guys”

  15. Tracie Gloss Says:

    Can anyone answer my question? Ok we all got to hear the name of the trooper that was so called shot by the fugative. It was publicised everywhere. Why then did we not get to hear the name of the trooper that did the shooting? His name has been removed from everything. Hey a shooting is a shooting why the hush hush when its the cop that does the wrong? Where is the justice in that? I think it is the publics right to know just like they feel its the publics right to know the name Bucky is accused of “wounding”

  16. Babsbitchin Says:

    Tracie has a very valid point! Of course it’s not released because they’re probably worried there will be vigilant overtones. But in my opinion, the SP have behaved in a vigilant manner. What was done to Tracie was wrong as well as alot of people. They are protecting this Trooper because they know he was wrong. You can’t explain away the facts.

  17. Barb Says:

    I have not got into any of this because it probably would be better if i didn’t, but i have a few things to say too……All that has been going on in the whole family has been a tough deal. starting with troopers breaking into homes and knocking a 65 yr old women to the floor and injurying her.Broke her door because they had to enter, knocking at the door would have been the right thing to do.

  18. lilmama Says:

    Apparently things have calmed down with the abuse of citizens in the area. The media coverage has died. What is being done to ensure these types of things don’t happen to others?

    Hopefully answers will be made public. Only then will Justice be done.

    Remember citizens:

    The fury of the moment plays folly with the truth; to keep one’s head is a virtue.

  19. Christine Lawton Says:

    Well, the cops are moving around alot, but not finding too much. There are alot of rumors, but no facts to base them on. ANything & everything stolen seems to be BUCKY, and the name of the trooper who shot Brad Horton has still NOT been made public.

  20. junebug Says:

    I just want to give my support to both families.You guys have been through so much and as it looks like you will continue to for some time.There is nothing I could say that would take all the pain and suffering away except to say I am behind you 100% and in the end the truth will come out!! Please take care of your selves and as for questions about buckey only he can answer them.I wish some one would shut down the rumor mill because it is really sticking up the county.

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